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Der Blutzapper nach Dr. Beck
Dr. Beck
Dr. Beck 2
Mitschrift: "Der verschwiegene Druchbruch in der Medizin."
Blutelektrifikation 2
Kolloidales Silber
Der Magnetpulser nach Dr. Beck
Vergleich Beck - Clark Zapper
Blood electrification. Patent 5139684
Tom's Prostate and Bone Cancer Recovery
Fred's Story
Jimmy's Leukemia Results

Alternative Medizin: Experte werden
1. Psyche, Unterbewußtsein
Literatur 1 Psyche
2. Statik,Haltung,Atmung
Literatur 2 Statik/Atmung
3. Ernährung Teil 1
Literatur 3 Ernährung
4. Gifte, Entgiftung
Literatur 4 Gifte/Entgiftung
5. Zahnherde
Literatur 5 Zahnherde
6. Störfelder
Literatur 6 Störfelder
7. Parasiten Teil 1
Literatur 7 Parasiten
8. Heilende Informationen
Literatur 8 Informationen
9. Selbstheilung Teil 1
9. Selbstheilung Teil 2
9. Selbstheilung Teil 3
Literatur 9 Selbstheilung
10. Preiswerte Methoden
Literatur 10 Diagnostik/Therapie
11. Zusammenhänge
Literatur 11

Krebs,MS,Aids.. Heilung ist möglich
Royal Rife heilte Krebs..
Heilungsansätze bei Krebs Teil 1
Heilungsansätze bei Krebs Teil 2
Heilungsansätze bei Krebs Teil 3
Heilungsansätze bei Krebs Teil 4
Rife and Cancer
Professor Pappas' Theory of Cancer
Death by Doctoring
Zappers and other Gizmos
Silber, Kolloidales Silber

Elektromedizin -> ECT
Elektromedizin Teil 1
Elektromedizin Teil 2
Elektromedizin Teil 3
Elektromedizin Teil 4

Heilende Informationen -> Frequenzen
Brainwave Frequency Listing
The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List
How Toxicity Relates To The Use Of The Rife/Bare Device
Das RIFE-Gerät der neuen Generation: VEJA 04/CD

Unterdrückte Methoden Teil 1
Unterdrückte Methoden Teil 2
Patrick Flanagans Entdeckungen
Detoxing your body.
InfraRed Muscle & Tendon Relaxer

Vitamine, Mineralstoffe Dr. Rath Teil 1
Nahrungsergänzung Dr. Rath Teil 2
Über die Heilkraft
von Wasser&Salz, Wasserstoff , Sauerstoff Teil 1
Wasser&Salz, Wasser-/Sauerstoff Teil 3

Heilkraft des Lichts Teil 1
Heilkraft des Lichts Teil 2

Mineralien Teil 1
Dr. Stockwell, Dr. Wallach

Vitamin C (Ascorbinsäure)
Bedeutung der Fette Budwig, Erasmus, Enig, Carver ..
Hanf . . als Universalheilmittel
Handys, schnurlose Telefone harmlos?
Tinnitus heilbar
Stress . . Entspannung . .
Schwermetalle, Entgiftung Teil 1
Schwermetalle, Entgiftung Dr. Klinghardt Teil 2
Amalgam, Entgiftung Teil 1
Heilwirkungen des Kohlblatts
Lapacho, Taheebo, Ipe Roxo . .
Übersäuerung, Allergien, Haarausfall, Krebs
Hyperthermie, Fieber
Effektive Mikroorganismen
Biologische Therapie nach Prof. Enderlein
Immuntherapie nach Dr. Spengler
Heilwirkungen des Knoblauchs
Transmutationen Teil 1
Transmutationen/Energie Teil 2
Energie Teil 1
Energie sparen
Blut, Blutreinigung Teil 1
erholsamer Schlaf, Träume
Nerven, Regeneration Teil 1
Nerven, Regeneration Teil 3
Wirbel-/Gelenke -> Methode Dorn
Parasiten, Pilze, Allergien
Immunsystem stärken
Schmerzen als Warnsignal Teil 1
Diagnostik/Therapie Dr. Smit Teil 1
c't 14/2000, S. 218: Elektrosmog: Störfunk fürs Gehirn
Verspannungen, Blockaden
Fred's Story Fred (his real name) was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 1996. There was also a spot on his liver the size of "two peanuts". The PSA was very high. He was put on the hormone inhibitor flutamide, but no other treatment was offered. The situation was much too far advanced. Surgery, he was told, would be a waste of Fred's money and the doctor's time. In three months he would be dead.
Fred and his wife live in New Brunswick. The two of them made a trip to Seattle to visit his sister. While there, they heard about my friend, a nutritionist we will call "Ann". Might as well go visit Ann. There was very little to lose at this point, although neither Fred nor his wife had any real interest or confidence in non-toxic therapies.
As they sat in Ann's rather small spare bedroom that serves as her office, Fred's wife felt that they were wasting their time: "We know he is going to die." Ann convinced them to try.
The treatment involved three electronic devices. The first was a PFG-100 Rife-Crane paddle type machine. He used 666, 690, 727, 2000, 2008, 2100, 2120, 2127, and 2130 Hz every second day for 3 minutes each. One paddle was applied to each side of his body at the waist line. On the outside of the left paddle was placed the negative face of a large flat magnet. On the right paddle, the positive side of a similar magnet. For parasites, a few treatments with 20, 60, 81, 120, 125, 440, and 800 Hz were used.

A Beck blood cleaner was used on wrist pulse points one hour each day. Fred chose to discontinue the flutamide due to the possibility of a toxic reaction. (The blood cleaner can cause cells to take in much larger amounts of substances from the blood than normal.) After each such treatment, he used a Beck magnetic pulse generator on each lymph node.
Fred also sat on the negative face of one the magnets for at least twenty minutes twice each day. It was felt that this afforded the nearest point to the prostate.
Nutritional support consisted of just two items: Liquid minerals and liquid shark cartilage.
Five weeks later, Fred was back in New Brunswick. He went back to his oncologist for the appropriate tests and scans. All were normal and he was pronounced free of cancer. The doctor said that in several thousand cases, he had not seen any cases of cancer just go away like that. Fred discontinued his treatments. Fred never resumed his self treatment. He had quit too soon, and eventually the PSA began to rise again. The MD told Fred that the remission had just been a temporary fluke. Now he was well enough for "real treatment". A radioactive implant was suggested and in late 1997 Fred, alas, agreed.
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